Halloween Party Ideas, Costume & Drinks with Pics-2013


Halloween Party Ideas - Outdoor Halloween Decoration

Halloween Party Ideas – Outdoor Halloween Decoration

Halloween is a time for great costume parties, drinks and friends coming together for a great time on a scary night.  If you have missed the thrill of jack-o-lanterns, donning a Halloween costumes, and joining a party, you must know that Halloween party for adults have become more and more popular over the past few years , and the Halloween party ideas have become more and more exuberant. In fact, two in ten Americans states going to a Halloween Party for adults over the past three years and having a Halloween blast !

Everyone loves a good party, and there are plenty of reasons out there to throw one – to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Each type of party has its own set of ideas to make the party memorable, and this is especially true of Halloween parties. Here are some great Halloween party ideas to make your next Halloween party a hit with your friends.

Obviously, one of the very first Halloween party ideas is to make it a costume party. This goes without saying. But instead of having vampires partying with soldiers and princesses flirting with Sponge-bob square pants, why not make it a themed costume party? By throwing a themed costume party, you can give the people attending your party some inspiration for their Halloween costume idea.

Doing this also gives you the chance to decorate, not just for Halloween, but for your theme as well. If your theme is boating, for instance, you can decorate your party location like a sunken vessel or a pirate ship. If your theme is the military, you can decorate using camouflage and military regalia alongside the spiders and cobwebs of typical Halloween parties.

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Besides the scary and other themes, another popular theme is the super hero versus super villain theme.A super hero versus super villain theme make a very good  Halloween party idea  . There are just so many hero and villain costumes to choose from. The easiest would be just to flip through any marvel comic and I am sure you will already have plenty of Halloween party idea in your mind.

For example, if we just take the characters in justice league, you can choose from costumes of superman, wonder woman, the green lantern etc. What about X-Men? Choose from Wolverine, Cyclops, Beast, Gambit, Rogue, Storm, etc. Then others such as Batman who go as Robin, Catwoman, Mr Freeze, Two Face, Poison Ivy, The Joker, etc. There is even more like Spiderman, Megamind or even Mr Incredible’s and his family. So you see it is simply very difficult to run out of  Halloween party/ Halloween costume ideas for such a party theme.

Halloween Party Ideas - Drinks & Halloween Party Favors

Halloween Party Ideas – Drinks & Halloween Party Favors

There are of course other Halloween party themes for adults. One of the last which I would not really want to promote is the sexy theme. Everybody would just come dressed in their sexiest. I wont be talking too much of this topic here and I will leave it up to your imagination.

When it comes to party invite, you need to be creative. A Halloween Party for adults needs only easy pre-made invites bought at any party deliver store, or you could make your own using creation paper, Halloween-themed confetti, and with some other markers. Further you can design your invitations in the computer and produce them out. Finally, ensure you send out the invites at least two weeks in proceed, so people have the time to find a Halloween costume and systematize last minute details.

Halloween party ideas for decorations are simple – go supreme with the decoration part. Nothing sets the frame of mind for a Halloween Party for adults improved than a spooky house. Enlarge on all sizes of pumpkins to stretch around your house. If you do not have the time or power to carve a couple dozen jack-o-lanterns, look for the artificial variety, and ensure at least some of them to lighten up. Purchase black lights for the all lamps in your home, or exchange with red for a spookier ambiance light. Fog is simple to make by mixing dry ice and warm water, and any house could look forsaken if you cover most of the furniture with white sheets and then place false dusts in the corners of the house. A Halloween party for adults is a huge opportunity to go supreme with a scary Halloween costume  mask props. For example, remember to set the frame of mind with Halloween sounds, generally on hand in CDs or downloadable from the Internet.

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Halloween Party Ideas - Halloween Food And Snacks

Halloween Party Ideas – Halloween Food And Snacks

A rented Halloween scary movie makes for a great Halloween party idea. This Halloween party idea can help almost any party. You can keep it on the tv, but make sure the sound is low enough so other partiers can chat. Choose your movie to fit your guests. You can find some great cartoons for young children and zombie movies for teens. Even we older people enjoy doing the Time Warp Again too! Rocky Horror is great for young adults, or for adults who were young once!

One of the most important Halloween party ideas make the most memorable parties,and  most memorable parties are ones where good food, good friends, and good times come together. Having the right assortment of food and drinks available is a must in order to make a Halloween party a success. If you decide to throw a themed party, your theme might help you decide what kind of food options to lay out. If you throw an Italian themed party, for instance, you should have plenty of pizza and Italian appetizers like meatballs handy. If you have a video game theme, making the snacks look like power-up items from classic video games will be noticed and appreciated by your guests.

If you are not having a themed party, consider having snacks available that are grown up versions of the candy that we all got as children. This Halloween party idea is especially useful if you are serving alcohol at a party, as many flavors of schnapps and other adult beverages are crafted using recipes to resemble the flavor of various candies.

Do not be afraid to allow your guests to contribute in for Halloween party ideas, especially if they ask. You can delegate sodas, snacks, or bags of candy for prizes to any guests who seem willing to contribute. In fact, you can even make another contest out of this – best Halloween party idea &/or best Halloween costume idea! Your friends will probably be happy to compete for the Best Halloween Treat competition for sure. Be sure to award that one early before the food is all gone.

As a final touch to a winning Halloween party idea for adults, ensure your food and drinks game the mood. Use red or black food coloring to approximately anything to create it seem creepy. For example, present black Jell-O shots; shape up ice cubes with sticky worms inside, blood (tomato) soup, and tombstone-shaped cookies. You could find huge Halloween recipes online by just doing a quick search.

Halloween Party Ideas - Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas – Halloween Costume Ideas

So , in the end going over the Halloween Party Ideas all over again in short :

  1. Halloween Party Themes – Scary/Superhero/etc are very simple to do and make for a very fun Halloween Party Idea. Also this Halloween Party Idea of using themes for your party, eases the stress of picking out a Halloween costume for your guests as they can go with the prior selected theme.
  2. Halloween Costume Ideas -  Halloween Party Ideas have to include the Halloween costumes , so get to them early.
  3. Halloween Scary Movie – Rent a scary movie , loved by all , and set it up to play on the tv during the party , with volume turned low so every one can have their talks while enjoying the good old scenes from the movie. This one is a good Halloween Party Idea as with the movie on there is always something to talk about.
  4. Halloween Food & Snacks - Halloween Party Idea in relation to food is to go with color of blood.That’s it.

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