How To Catch A Mouse Naturally


There are loads of methods on how to catch a mouse, but there are some natural remedies to catch some mice without using a trap. These natural methods will avoid you the pain of disposing the live or dead mice that you have caught using the traps. Consider the following natural suggestions:

Peppermint oil: it has been proven that mice like sweet, luring scent of food and that’s why they come and invade your home. Peppermint oil has a strong smell as we all know and it not only masks the smell of food but also keeps away any lurking mice as they hate the smell.

Mint: similar to the peppermint oil, mint is also known to repel mice. Just sprinkle some fresh mint leaves in the areas you know the mice like to frequent and you’re done. But make sure that you replace the old leaves with fresh ones on a regular basis.

Mothballs: mice usually look for comfortable hiding spots. You might find them in the boxes where you keep winter clothes, or in any old furniture. Just place some mothballs wrapped in tissue paper and place them in those areas. Mice will keep away as they hate the smell of it.

Seal of entry points: when you were not looking, the mice would have got in your house, but now that they have, make sure others don’t follow. Find out the potential entry spots of the mice and seal them using steel wool. They are way more effective than conventional wood or newspaper.

Onions: onions as we know have a very pungent smell and can deter mice from frequenting if placed strategically all over the house.

Flour or baby powder: these are useful when you’re tying to find out the access points and the most frequented areas around the house. Just sprinkle some around the suspected areas and look for signs of mice tracks.

Ammonia: along with peppermint oil, mint and onions, ammonia is supposed to be really strong and is known to cause irritation to even us. So all you have to do is take some, dilute in water and place it all around the house. But be very careful if you have pets or small children in your house. In that case try to avoid this method.

Remove food supplies: as we all know prevention is better than cure, so remove the top reason of the mouse’s to do list which is food. Once they don’t find things to eat they will look for other sources. So make sure you remove all the edible food items from scurrying places and keep them out of reach.

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You will know that you are living in an area where there have been mouse sightings, to make sure they don’t pay a visit to your house, keep these remedies in mind and learn how to catch a mouse without complications, traps and maybe an army of exterminators.