Custom Shower Curtains – Ideas, DIY & Tips for This Season 2013


Shower curtains can transform the feel and look of a bathroom.Apart from providing you the needed privacy, these curtains can make your bathroom look vibrant and colorful. You may hang them with rods or railings on the interior of your roof. There are both decorative as well as functional. You can get curtain rods in various designs and sizes. Furthermore, the curtains come in several designs as well as patterns ranging from geometrical to sports and plants to animal designs.

This years trends for shower curtains goes like this :

  1. Nature themed: To create a serene space, nature-themed shower curtains are the way to go.Modern shower curtains are able bring in elements of the outdoors while still matching the decor of your home. Designs that feature tree branches and bird silhouettes will look right at home perched upon a stainless steel shower curtain rod.

    Shower Curtains - Ideas For This Season

    Shower Curtains – Ideas For This Season

  2.  Pocket picture holders: For a completely customizable option, pick up a vinyl shower curtain with waterproof pockets that are just waiting for your creative touch. For a kids’ bathroom, slip in family photos or pictures of their favorite cartoon characters. If you want a more adult feel, print out coordinating black and white photos that subtly add personality to your bathroom. The best part of these unique shower curtains is that you can change the look of your bathroom as often as you want by simply switching out the photos.
  3. Vocabulary boosters: Whether planning a trip abroad or trying to brush up on your linguistic knowledge, these ingenious shower curtains let you study while you shower.
  4. Sparkling accents: Add a little bit of shimmer to your bathroom and turn an ordinary room into a luxurious getaway with sparkling shower curtains. Whether you choose a playful vinyl shower curtain accented with glittering sequins or a grown-up fabric shower curtain with a metallic sheen, these shower curtains help infuse a little bit of glamour into your bathroom accessories.

    Shower Curtains - Fabric

    Use Fabric material for a glamorous effect this season.

    Shower Curtains - Fabric Shower Curtains - Fabric

    Shower Curtains - Fabric

  5. Patchwork curtains: To achieve a rustic look, check out faux patchwork shower curtains. This bathroom accessory has the ability to turn any bathtub into a cozy space perfect for relaxing.
  6. Custom Shower Curtains : The demand for custom shower curtains is very high people want to feel very comfortable in their bathrooms , and little bit of personalisation with custom shower curtains can do the trick.

Top Ideas & Examples with Pictures for Shower Curtain Trends this season :

Shower Curtains - Modern

Shower Curtains - Funny

An Example of funny shower curtains in trend this season

Shower Curtains - Funny

Shower Curtains - Funny

A little playful example of modern trends.

Shower Curtains - Funny

Give yourself a reason to laugh , choose a shower curtain that makes you happy.

Some More Examples For You :

Shower Curtains

One simple approach yet beautiful.

Custom Shower Curtains

Custom Shower Curtains – Get your photograph printed on your shower curtain.

Shower Curtains

A Minimalistic & Simple yet beautiful approach

Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains – Geeky – Periodic Table – Learn while you take a bath – Practical Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains Shower Curtains - Funny

Advertisement :

However, the available options for shower curtains on the market are very limited. For those who are looking to make changes to their bathrooms but can find nothing to match, making custom shower curtains is a great option. Personalized DIY shower curtains are a simple and easy way to add a personal touch, beauty, and decor to one’s bathroom. Expensive renovations are not the only option when it comes to updating the most-used room in the home. With a few simple tips and techniques, even the most inexperienced of crafters can pull off this bathroom makeover.

A few Examples for Custom Shower Curtains with Pics :

Custom Shower Curtains - Table Cloth

Table Cloth as a Shower Curtain

Shower Curtains

DIY – Print your own custom logos or signs as you like.

Custom Shower Curtains - Name Initials

Name Initials make a strong statement.

Read on to get a few ideas on how to create customized shower curtains:

  • Make use of window treatments - Making use of window treatments is the simplest option for creating customized shower curtains. Look for window panels which have colors and patterns that match the bathroom. Hang the window panels in the bathroom using the shower rod or clip rings and use an inside layer to protect the fabric. Window treatments come in a wide variety of options, designs, and lengths, which allow home owners to hide their old and mismatched bath tubs.
  • Make use of table cloths - For those who want a more crafty look, table cloths are the perfect solution. Look for rectangular table cloths that are sixty inches wide. Using these cloths to cover a shower stall can add a new look to one’s bathroom.
  • Make use of a plain curtain - Another great option to create a customized shower curtain is to use a plain colored curtain. This is easy and simple to personalize and can bring one’s imagination to life. This is also a perfect solution for those who do not want to sew but want something that is crafty. A plain colored curtain can be transformed into a customized shower curtain by using iron-on paper and a printer. Look for a design that matches the bathroom, print it, and iron on to the curtain’s fabric. Those who are technically inclined individuals can add a monogram with patterns or special words to the curtain’s fabric to create a unique and distinct look.
  • Make them from the scratch - For those who love to sew, creating something from the start can be a practical and fun project. Look for inexpensive fabrics, which match perfectly the bathroom decor, from clearance sales and thrift fabric stores. The Internet also offers a wide range of patterns and designs for shower curtains at no cost.
  • Other options - Other options to create custom shower curtains include adding a pretty ribbon, tie-dying, painting with stencils, and the list goes on.